• HOSTING Resolution Graphics (RG) hosts all websites on Just Host. The current (2017) rates for RG to host a website is $11.49 per month, payable yearly in the amount of $137.88 when the website is published. Additional years shall be set at the then existing rates charged by RG. Effective April 1, 2017 all RG websites will be migrated to a high performance server with a dedicated IP for our collective clients including a positive SSL certificate with a site backup restore pro feature. If client prefers, RG will set up an account on an at cost basis with Just Host. Current rates charged by JustHost for the same business pro service used by RG including the SSL certificate is $19.95/month or $239.95 per year. Prices subject to change. THIS OFFER DOES NOT APPLY TO OTHER WEB HOST COMPANIES (e.g. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.). Additional charges at the hourly rate of $75 per hour, one hour minimum, apply for set up for websites hosted on other hosting companies other than Just Host.
  • CONTENT Client to provide content (text and high resolution pictures). Resolution Graphics can assist with copywriting at the rate $75.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of $50.00. RG  can purchase pictures at cost plus 10% for licensing purposes.
  • EDITS Packaged prices include 3 editorial rounds. Client may request unlimited changes after 3 editorial rounds subject a rate of $75.00 per hour billed, with a minimum charge of $50.00. The three editorial rounds are as follows: (1) the first round shall include client submission of text and pictures or those created by Resolution Graphics followed by one communication consolidating all requested changes by client; (2) the second round shall include all the changes made by RG pursuant to the first communication of all requested changes by client followed by the second consolidated – single communication of requested of changes by client to RG; and (3) the third and final round included with the price shall include all the changes made by RG pursuant to the second communication of requested changes by client to RG.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Links to pre-existing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ plus one or more links to your email account, subject to the design package chosen, are included. Resolution Graphics can build social media pages for your company subject to additional charges. Pricing information is listed below.
  • OWNERSHIP & COPYRIGHT Client shall be assigned the ownership rights of the website design including and all coding subject to Resolution Graphic’s right to post a notice in the footer of the website and a copyright for all creative work not specifically designed for client such as a logo. The content of the notice shall be as follows: “Copyright © 201(?), Designed by Resolution Graphics.”
  • PRIVACY OF COMMUNICATIONS All communications by RG and Client shall be held strictly confidential except to the extent RG needs to collaborate with third party vendors such as Just Host in its efforts to design and launch the website.
  • DELIVERY, LAUNCHING OF WEBSITE AND COMPLETION OF ALL WORK RG shall launch the website for public viewing at such time as authorized by Client. At that time RG shall provide client with all login information to manage the website including by third parties. Once the website is launched RG shall have concluded all services under the general terms of the agreement unless otherwise agreed to specifically in writing.
  • TIMING OF DELIVERY The timing from start to finish of the project shall be agreed to in writing by the parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Client does not provide content and pictures in a timely manner then RG cannot and will not guarantee the times originally committed to. Client understands that all work is scheduled on a first come first serve basis unless otherwise agreed to in writing and time is of the essence with regard to the delivery of content from client to RG. To the extent that client chooses to add new elements to the website not originally contracted for then the original timing of the project must be reset by agreement of the parties.
  • OTHER FEES AND ESTIMATED CUSTOM FEES Client shall be responsible to pay for all other fees set forth in the schedule of “Other Fees” below for services chosen by client to be included in the web design. Client shall be responsible to pay for the estimated custom fees provided by RG to client and agreed to in writing.
  • METHOD OF COMMUNICATION All communications in writing may be made between the parties by email. All agreements made between the parties for revisions to the contract may be done so by email. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Client agrees to sign a revised scope of work if requested by RG before RG will commence work on any work that was not included in the original agreement between the parties.
  • PAYMENT & COMMENCEMENT OF WORK Payment is due by client to RG within 5 business days upon entering into an agreement for RG’s website design services for the entire scope of work contracted for. Payments for all revised scope of work is due by client to RG within 5 business days upon entering into an agreement by the parties to revise the scope of work. All hourly invoicing due by client to RG per the terms of the agreement between the parties shall be paid by client to RG within 5 business days upon receipt of an invoice by RG. All payments submitted are final and nonrefundable. Payments may be made by check payable to “Resolution Graphics” and mailed to P.O. Box 4348, Eagle CO 81631. Payments may also be made by credit card. All major credit cards accepted subject to a convenience charge of 10% of the total charge. RG may delay or stop all work on the website design until receipt of any payment(s) then due. All outstanding charges due by client to RG are subject to service charge compounding at the monthly interest rate of 1.5% per month. If client fails to pay any outstanding balance for a period of more than 6 months, RG may —  at its sole discretion — stop working on the project without any further obligations to client and client shall forfeit the right to any claims.



  • ONETONE or similar scrolling 4 panel front page design. Other themes subject to approval by RG.
  • Social Media links described in the General Terms included.
  • No secondary pages. All secondary pages subject to additional charges.


  • Catch Adaptive, Catch Base, OneTone Professional or similar themes. Other themes subject to approval by RG.
  • 3 Panel Front Page
  • Up to 1 secondary page. Length limited to standard page format. Longer pages subject to additional charges.
  • Social Media links described in the General Terms included.


  • BLOG: Build basic blog page and front page interface including archives. Posting of first article from which client provides content — including up to 3 pictures — per the General Terms.  One hour of client training included.  $250.00
    • Additional Blog Articles submitted with content and up to 3 pictures. $50 per article
    • Additional Training. $75/hour, minimum one hour. 
  • Photo Galleries, Carousels, Etc. including first 10 pictures only not including pictures that include content.  $150.00
    • Additional Pictures: $3.50 per picture
    • Pictures with content and links: $75/hour, minimum $50.
    • Training for client to add pictures: $75/hour, minimum one hour.
  • Additional Web Pages added to either the basic or professional web design package. $225.00 Subject to 3 edit policy set forth in General Terms.
  • Google Calendar or Other Calendar: $100.00 including 30 minutes training
    • Additional training billed at $75/hour, minimum one hour.
  • WooCommerce Extension – Shopping Cart: $250.00 including 5 items on category*
  • Special Requests. Special requests such as, but not limited to, custom buttons shall be invoiced on a cost plus 10% basis plus the required design time at the rate of $75/hour, minimum one hour.

*Additional items, categories of items, etc. to be quoted on a case by case basis based on the billing rate of $75 hour.

  •  Logo Design – call for quote.
  • Flip Books – call for quote.
  • Augmented Reality Development / Connectivity – Call for details.

This Price Schedule and all other prices are subject to change. All prices shall be confirmed in the contract between RG and client.